About Me

I've been a creative coach & stamping instructor since 2006 but I've been a stamper for 20+ years and have loved paper crafting for as long as I can remember.  Even when I was a little girl there wasn't anything better than a coloring book and crayons and I still feel that way today except now my toys are a little more sophisticated.

I have recently become an PUREhaven essentials Consultant and I'm on a mission to help everyone I can to make healthier choices about the products they put on their bodies and use in their homes everyday.  Please visit my PUREhaven website: www.PUREhavenessentials.com/DebDavis

I am blessed to share my life with my amazing husband John who is my childhood sweetheart and very best friend. I hope you enjoy my blog and visit me often and I hope that my projects inspire you to be as amped2stamp as I am!


  1. You are a talented & beautiful woman! Love & miss you lot's! Sara

  2. Wow! You finally have a blog! I'm so excited I can share your creativity with everyone! Anyone looking for a stamping instructor should contact Debbie. You will be amazed and inspired by her creativity and awesomeness. She is truly the most creative person I have ever meet. Congrats Debbie!! XOOOOO!!

  3. I am so happy to see you blogging! Your picture is great, and so are all the pictures of your cards!

  4. I look forward to each class/workshop because I learn a new technique or a really simple way to make a card look elegant. Thank you, Deb, you're artistic abilities for exceed what I could ever imagine in putting a card together. I really do love the copic markers too!


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