Thursday, October 01, 2015

The Most Wonderful Tome of the Year!

October is here - YAY!  My favorite month and holiday are approaching but I'm a bit bummed out because I can't decorate my house the way I usually do.  This year I have TWO puppies, a 7 month old & and 8 month old and while the 7 month old is a good girl the 8 month old is a TOTAL TERROR!!  I wouldn't be a happy haunter if my decorations were destroyed.  Likewise since I've been a busy ghoul with my new Ava Anderson Non Toxic business I haven't had time to make my usual variety of Halloween paper projects.  So for this year I will post some things from the past few years, before I had a blog and that I haven't posted before.  So while they are old to me, hopefully you enjoy them as new to you.  HaPpY FaLL YaLL and HaPpY HaLLoWEeN!
All materials used for this project are SU!
Ava Anderson Non-Toxic Consultant #12405

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